Simba is a 7 year old tabby boy who has always been an indoor only cat. He is shy and gentle.

He is looking for a quiet indoor-only home with no children, ideally with a woman owner as he has previous been scared of men and tends to be most relaxed with women. With someone he knows and trusts he is very sweet and has a lot of love to give to the right person able to offer him a quiet, peaceful home.

When he is at ease in his surroundings he enjoys exploring, and watching the world go by from a height (such as a cat tree). He is also very playful and loves his kicker toy and dangly toys. He is very affectionate and likes to snuggle up and sit on a lap with someone he trusts. He purrs loudly when he gets head rubs. He also likes to have his safe, enclosed spaces to retreat to and can be scared of loud noises and people he doesn’t know.

Simba is small for a boy cat.

We are looking for a quiet, peaceful indoor only home for Simba. He would make a wonderful friend for someone. He loves human company and his ideal home would be with someone who is at home a lot, perhaps semi-retired or working from home, although he would also be fine to snooze at home if his human works full time as long as he gets plenty of attention in the evenings and weekends.