Beautiful calico girl Sissy is approximately two years old and was discovered, along with her kittens, living as a stray in a London garden. She did a wonderful job of keeping her babies safe and all were adopted some months ago, leaving just Sissy in need of a new, loving home.
Sissy is very shy, the result of being left to fend for herself on the streets at a young age. She likely did not get a lot of love or affection from people until her rescue, and as a result she's had to learn to trust people for the first time since being in the charity's care.

Though she remains shy, she has become far more confident with the help of her foster carers, who really helped bring her out of her shell. In a settled, quiet home with patient adopters she will become increasingly so - she hides at first, but once she becomes comfortable loves to chase after toys and will sprint for a packet of Dreamies! She purrs loudly in response to strokes and can fit herself into the smallest places. She's a sweet, gentle cat.

Sissy is looking for a home with some safe outside space.

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