Jackson is the type of cat who sits on your lap when you're on the toilet; an extremely friendly, people orientated boy who has quickly become his foster carers' black and white shadow. He joined us at CatCuddles after his owner sadly passed away, along with Speedy and Lulu, who he could also be homed with in a pair or as a trio.

He is approximately six years old, and is looking for a home with a garden - he has lots of energy to burn!

Jackson is truly not one to blend into the background, liking to be involved in any action and included fully in daily family life.

He loves being stroked and having his head rubbed in particular, and will seek people out for this very purpose, giving them gentle head butts. He doesn't hold back from exploring new places, and finds his confidence with new people fairly quickly too; he's an adventurous and outgoing boy. His favourite place to be is by his human companions' side.