Speedy, Jackson & Lulu

Meet Speedy, Jackson and Lulu. These three very friendly, very affectionate cats have found themselves in need of a fresh start after the sudden and unexpected death of their caretaker. We are open to homing best friends Speedy and Lulu as a pair and confident boy Jackson a single cat, however we'd also love if they could all be adopted together - they're a very closely bonded group. They're all looking for a home with some safe outside space.


Jackson is the type of cat who sits on your lap when you're on the toilet; a very friendly, people orientated boy who has quickly become his foster carers' black and white shadow. He's not the sort of cat to blend into the background, liking to be involved in any action and included fully in daily family life. He loves having his head rubbed and will seek people out for this very purpose, giving them gentle head butts, and is also playful, curious and adventurous. He doesn't hold back from exploring new places, and finds his confidence with new people fairly quickly too. He's the sort of cat who could become his adopters feline best friend; his favourite place to be is by his human companions' side. 


Snow-white Lulu is the tinest of the trio, and she has a voice to match her size; small and kitten-like.

She's more of a lap cat than Speedy and Jackson and also doesn't grumble much about being picked up. Like them she is very friendly and gentle; she loves attention and being stroked, and chooses to spend much of her time being near her human friends, though she's also very fond of Speedy. Despite her dainty frame, she's a big fan of meal times, hoovering up her food with relish. With her pink nose, small stature and pink nose, she is utterly adorable and impossible not to fall in love with.


Speedy is as his namesake suggests, very active and sprightly, with long legs that are always in motion! He's very keen on little Lulu and often grooms her lovingly, or chooses to sleep next to her. He's also very affectionate towards his human friends, rubbing his face against them enthusiastically to encourage lots of head rubs and strokes. He can sometimes startle a little easily, but regains his confidence fairly quickly. He has a spot directly in the centre of his nose and a funny habit of drinking from the tap. In the past, he has suffered from a bit of a sensitive stomach so needs Sensitive or Gastro-Intestinal food, which can be purchased from the vet, online, or at Pets At Home.