7 year old Suki is a very pretty domestic long-hair with huge white whiskers and an independent streak.

She has been a much loved family cat for the duration of her life, but due to a sudden change of circumstances her humans left they could no longer offer her enough time and attention.

She is understandably confused by finding herself in a new place, but is a fairly confident, adaptable girl who is handling the change well. She enjoys chin strokes and head scratches, and often gazes out of the window with her pink nose twitching. She prefers to be stroked mostly on her head and can be quite chatty. She has a very small, kitten-like meow.

In her previous home Suki loved exploring the outdoors during the day and returning at night to curl up alongside her human companions on the sofa. 

Suki far prefers the company of people to other cats and would ideally be the only cat in her new home, and is also better suited to adults than children, who tend to startle her a little.