10 year old Syd is a gentle, placid boy who is content with little more than a warm bed and a full bowl - these are luxury to him after years spent struggling as a stray.

When the charity discovered Syd, we doubted that he had been touched directly by a person for years, he was so shy and timid. But though he would hiss occasionally and often hide from our volunteers, he always remained gentle despite his fear. He is, at heart, a teddy bear, a totally good-natured cat who's years spent without human contact have left him scared, unsure and traumatised. 

Gradually, over several weeks he has allowed our volunteers to touch him more and more, and now he regularly enjoys vigorous head scratching, purring contentedly and giving gentle head butts to encourage more fuss. It's just a matter of breaking through Syd's initial fear and showing him that you mean no harm, and we've found that food is a very effective tool for doing this - he has an insatiable appetite! A couple of years of love and comfort in a home and we believe that Syd will shed his fear entirely, and become the utterly affectionate, soppy and loving cat he should always have been.

Syd is so gentle that he didn't stand a chance as an unneutered Tom on the streets; he was attacked over and over by other more dominant males, leaving him covered in both fresh and years-old wounds when the charity found him, in shockingly poor shape. After lots of vet treatment, warmth and good food, he is now looking a million times better, and his once dirty coat is snow-white again and regaining some of it's shine, however unfortunately Syd has contracted FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, from his many bites. This is a  condition that makes his immune system a little more vulnerable than the average cat, but is otherwise manageable and in no way painful or uncomfortable.

As FIV is spread to other cats only through deep bites and Syd is a very docile boy, the chances of him passing the condition on are slim; however to be on the safe side, an indoor only home would be best suited for him, though we will also consider homes with cat-proofed gardens. Read more about FIV.