Two year old Tawny is an affectionate, active young cat with huge glowing eyes. When she first arrived she was a little on the shy side, but has become gradually more confident and outgoing. Since she was living as a stray on a housing estate before her arrival, likely lost or abandoned, it's no wonder that she was a little reserved at first, but lots of comfort, love and attention from her foster carer has drawn her out of her shell. 

Being a young girl, Tawny is playful and inquisitive with a fair amount of energy. She would benefit from some safe outside space in her new home, in addition to adopters willing to give her lots of fuss! She tolerates being picked up, loves being stoked and if you're very lucky, will give you a small nose-to-nose kiss.

Tawny is a very svelte, long-legged cat, but her lithe frame masks a massive appetite - she absolutely loves to eat, perhaps since she was so often deprived of food during her time spent homeless. We hope she will soon be in an adoptive home and her sad past can be put firmly behind her, cold and hunger forgotten and replaced with a warm bed, a full bowl, and a loving new family.