Tessera & Leigh

Tessera & Leigh are lovely sisters of approx a year old. They were rescued living as strays with a small group of other cats. It is likely they didn’t receive much human attention when they were young, and this has made them timid. During their time with us, they have become much more comfortable with people and understood people can be kind to them.

Both girls are gentle and sweet, and in a loving home would transform into more confident cats who would make wonderful friends to their adopters. We are looking for an adult only home for Tessera & Leigh, ideally with someone who has some experience of cats and is willing to let them become comfortable in their new home in their own time.

Tessera & Leigh need a home with outdoor access, in a safe location to a network of back gardens only. A catflap is required. They are good with other cats and could live in a home that already has cats. We will only home them as a pair as they are very bonded.