The Tapas kittens

These four brothers are affectionately known as ‘the Tapas kittens’ at Catcuddles as we named their mum Tapas and Spanish food has been the inspiration for the kittens’ names as well. The kittens were born in our care after we rescued the heavily pregnant stray girl Tapas just days before she gave birth. They have grown up in foster care with some of our most experienced volunteers and are sociable, friendly kittens.

They are of course absolutely adorable, and coming up to 15 weeks of age - we can’t understand why they have been overlooked by adopters so far! Whoever gives them homes will be in for a treat with these lovely boys.

The kittens are all wonderful little characters - at this age, kittens have lots and lots of energy and they are naturally curious; learning something new every day.

Bravas is very active and playful, and always up for a game.


Paella is very inquisitive, and loves to climb onto a human’s lap and get scritches and strokes.

Fino is the most reserved and calm but also loves to play. When he’s tired he loves a cuddle.

Our requirements for anyone wishing to adopt kittens from us are as follows:

  • Kittens need to be adopted as a pair, or in some circumstances as a companion to a home that already has a playful young cat or cats. Kittens grow up much happier and healthier with a friend of their own size, and having a sibling to play with means they are a lot less destructive when they have an outlet for their excess energy.

  • All homes adopting kittens need to be able to provide them outdoor access in a safe location once they are old enough and of course neutered. The ideal location is a house that backs onto other gardens, offering a safe network of gardens to explore away from busy roads. A catflap will be required to be fitted at the back of the property.

  • Homes with children are fine as long as the children have some previous experience with cats and treats animals with kindness and respect their boundaries.

The kittens are fully vaccinated, microchipped and will come with a month’s free pet insurance. Depending on when they get adopted, they will either be already neutered if old/big enough or their adopter will need to sign a contract to get them neutered at the appropriate age.

These kittens are now at our Rehoming Hub in SE2, Abbey Wood. We adopt kittens throughout London and the surrounding areas.