Theo is a sweet, gentle, 4 year old british shorthair boy who finds himself at Catcuddles due to a change in circumstances.

Theo is a cuddly, friendly purring machine who loves human company, he really enjoys snuggling by your side and being fussed over.

Theo has seen our trusted vet and has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. He’s had heart scans placing this at a grade 3 (of 6). We have started him on twice-daily medication which he takes in food. Theo is a great lover of food and as a result is overweight and is now on a diet. His future adopter must be committed to continuing to help him lose weight.

Theo’s ideal forever home would be with someone who is at home a lot and enjoys the company of a gentle, affectionate cat. His current heart medication is inexpensive but he will need regular check ups at the vet and his adopter should be financially comfortable to cover the costs of having a cat with a health condition.

Theo will need to be the only pet in the home and he is looking for an indoor only home. He will need a quiet home without small children.

Anyone adopting an indoor cat from us needs to be committed to creating a safe, enriching indoor environment, including cat proofing windows that will be opened, and cat proofing a balcony if there is one. We can advise on all this.

Theo is being fostered at our rehoming hub in Abbey Wood, SE2.