Usa (prounced Oo-sa) is a new arrival at Catcuddles. This beautiful 4 year old girl is looking for a new loving forever home due to her previous owner’s changed living situation. Usa has been much loved all her life and this shows in her lovely personality.

Usa is a gentle and sociable cat. She is playful and energetic, and also loves her home comforts. She loves nothing more than to curl up next to her humans for a nap. She is chatty and likes to interact with people. We think Usa would make a wonderful addition to a family with cat-savvy children as long as they know how to interact with cats kindly and gently.

We are looking for a home with outdoor access in a safe location for Usa. She does not wander far but loves to potter about in the garden. We require all cats who go outdoors to get a catflap fitted at the back of the property.