Withnail & Pris RESERVED

This gorgeous pair are Withnail (black and white male), and Pris (tortie girl), 16 week old youngsters who are rambunctious, outgoing and adventurous - typical kittens but with a dash of extra energy thrown in! They came into the charity's care after being abandoned on Blackheath, and are now looking for a home together with some safe outside space, which they will be ready to explore once they are at least 6 months old and neutered. 

Since kittens need lots of company, they also need adopters with lots of time to offer them, for attention, play and guidance. They're very mischievous and interested in absolutely everything, but also happy to nap on a lap once the excitement gets too much. Pris is a little quieter than her brother, with Withnail being a livewire.