Kitten Season 2017

The arrival of four tiny tabbies marks the beginning of kitten season for the CatCuddles Sanctuary.

Their mum, Olivia, was surrendered to a vet in Charlton with whom we work very closely, just days away from giving birth.

Little more than a kitten herself, Olivia is one of the lucky ones; many more cats will be giving birth on the streets of London this season, desperately trying to care for their young despite the cold, busy streets and predators.

And though Olivia's babies are adorable, it's important not to loose sight of this reality. Lack of neutering is causing tremendous suffering to cats, not only to stray families, but also to the kittens who are regularly being sold and given away to highly unsuitable people, and to the thousands of cats waiting for homes in animal shelters.

Unsurprisingly there is adoption interest in Olivia's kittens already, and once they are 12 weeks of age the entire family will be available for adoption, as pairs and into homes with safe garden access.