Catcuddles is the dream child of a devoted pet lover and was inspired by her special-needs feline, Mr Cuddles, who is our feline mascot. We are a registered charity as of July 2012 and are entirely volunteer-run.

Through our network of fosterers, we aim to offer the best possible home-from-home environment to cats in need of affection, attention, rehabilitation and a new loving home.

How we operate

Our cat-centric approach means we put kitties first; their welfare and comfort is paramount to us. We never bring in cats we have no exclusive space for and never keep them with us for longer than necessary before getting them adopted. Find out more about our work >

Our work with cats is entirely funded by public donations and legacies, and we hope we will soon have the critical mass to attract charity grants. Any reserve funding we have at times is put towards rescuing abandoned cats from perishing, particularly pregnant stray mums, vulnerable kittens, special needs adults and elderly cats. We also help with feral colonies, depending on resources and local community support. Make a donation to support our work >

We started our charity work in Greenwich (London) at the home of our founder. Soon, other volunteers added to our fostering network and the team is getting bigger. Our volunteer foster homes are currently mainly in SE London and NW Kent, but also in East London. We are in the process of expanding to our first proper Headquarters (opening at Palmers Green later in 2019) where the charity will be operating its first cat-only veterinary clinic, as well as a rehoming hub. We look forward to expanding our reach and working with cats in need in North London. More about our cat clinic >

Our volunteers

Our amazing, never-tiring, ever-ready volunteer team is our greatest and best asset; they are the spirit, strength and backbone of Catcuddles. Their contribution is priceless and commitment to our cause strong and lasting.  They are passionate and protective of our felines and never compromise standards of care, welfare or facility hygiene. We are only interested in attracting more like-minded people to join our cheerful team, people full of ideas and a bit of regular time to devote to the kitties or promoting the work we do as a charity. Find out about volunteering for Catcuddles >


Unlilke "assembly line" catteries or group homes, we choose to operate through a network of fosterers, who volunteer to temporarily house cats until they can be successfully rehomed. Each cat has its own suite or room, to minimise stress and allow the cat to feel safe and secure. Cats are creatures of routine and territory and at Catcuddles we aim to simulate just that kind of environment for each cat that comes under our roof.  Find out about fostering >

Our reach

Though we are a small organisation, we have a big heart, and many of our volunteers and supporters contribute to our work by helping spread the word about us and what we do, sharing our content on social media, or contributing to the conversations on our active Facebook Group. If you'd like to join in by helping us reach out and amplify our message, we'd love for you to get involved.

Connect with us

You can also find out the latest news and updates from Catcuddles on our News page.