Keep your cat safe during firework season

We strongly suggest keeping your cats inside during the evenings in firework season, with any cat flaps locked and a litter tray provided.

The loud noises and bright lights at this time of year can be disorientating for cats, causing them to become lost or startling them out into roads. Many get stuck up trees that they have climbed in a panic, or are too scared to make their way home. There is also the very real risk of fireworks being used irresponsibly towards or around animals; there have sadly been recorded instances of this in the past.

Though we understand that it can be a little frustrating for some active cats to have their outdoor access cut off, a few evenings spent inside is a small price to pay for their safety and your peace of mind.

And if your cat is particularly upset by the fireworks, there are plenty of things you can do to make him or her feel a little calmer, such as -

• Invest in Feliway or Pet Remedy diffusers or sprays, which release calming pheromones to help ease your cats' anxiety. Calming diffuser collars are also on the market.

• Maintain a normal routine - don't fuss over your cat too much, as you'll reinforce the feeling that something is wrong.

• Create a den for your cat, somewhere he or she can hide and feel safe and protected. Provide lots of other hiding places around the home, including in high spots. Even cardboard boxes can be effective for this.

• Draw the curtains, close all windows and put the TV or radio on low to help drown out the noise.

• Bring your cats inside before it gets dark, and the fireworks start. Don't leave it until the last minute.

• Try to be home on the evenings when fireworks are most prevalent - such as Halloween, Guy Fawkes' Night, Diwali and New Years Eve. 

• If none of the above are effective, talk to your vet about further options for your cat - like putting him or her on a calming supplement such as Zyklene.

• Plan accordingly. Many of these measures are most effective when introduced in advance.

Remember to have your cat microchipped and purchase a collar and identity tag for him or her. If the fireworks do cause your cat to run away, this will greatly increase your chances of being reunited.