There are many reasons why neutering your pet is the safest, kindest move you can make as a responsible cat owner. Here are just a few...

Reduce overpopulation

There is a massive feline overpopulation crisis in the U.K. Rehoming centres are bursting at the seams with unwanted cats and kittens, and there are an estimated two and a half million strays on our streets. Thousands of cats are euthanised every year because there are too many born and not enough homes for all. Please do not add to these numbers by allowing your cat to breed.

Reduce the likelihood of losing your cat

Unneutered cats are far more likely to wander, and therefore to go missing. Male cats have been known to travel for miles in search of a female in season, and female cats are highly prone to escaping when in heat. Many never find their way home and live as strays, are hit by cars or give birth on the streets.

Prevent fights and spread of disease

Unneutered cats are more prone to fighting, and cat bites commonly lead to abscesses, cellulitis, and spread infections such as FeLV, and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). The latter is an incurable condition that is kept alive almost entirely by unneutered Toms. Mating also spreads disease - it's the equivalent of strangers having unprotected sex. 

Keep the peace in your neighbourhood

Unneutered cats can be a public nuisance - attacking and intimidating neighbouring cats - potentially infecting them with viruses - and spraying in neighbours’ houses and gardens. 

Reduce unwanted and often dangerous pregnancies

Unneutered toms, both pets and strays, regularly impregnate unneutered strays, leading to kittens being born on the streets. Many of these kittens, born to stray mothers, will perish due to malnutrition, the cold, untreated illnesses, parasites, traffic and predators like foxes.

Female cats can become pregnant as soon as they have their first season, so at as young as five months of age. Still kittens themselves, they are physically ill-prepared for pregnancy, and their offspring can suffer congenital health problems.

Please note that if your cat is female and unneutered and you let her outside, she will get pregnant - it's just a matter of time.

Help stop animal cruelty and neglect

 A huge number of the kittens born each year are sold and bought online, to virtual strangers. Unlike at an animal charity, where adopters are vetted very carefully by animal care professionals, there no guarantees that these kittens will be well looked after. In the rescue community, we see case after case of kittens sold in this way rehomed just months later, passed from home to home, lost, abandoned, pregnant themselves or even abused. For example, it is known that kittens obtained on Gumtree have been used as bait in dog fights. It is simply not safe to rehome animals online; read more on why here.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Neutering can help prevent cancers such as uterine cancer, mammary and ovarian cancer.

If you are still unsure about neutering your cat, we would be happy to advise you - just contact us here.

If your cat is already neutered, you can make a real difference by donating to help cover the costs for a stray cat to be neutered.

Every donation helps, no matter how large or small.