A happy ending for Mumya

Before and after

Before and after

Many of you will know the story of Mumya, the Egyptian semi-feral girl who was rescued from Egypt with the help of Friends of Streetcat called Bob and James Bowen who fund-raised for her trip and care, spearheaded by April Ritchie.

Mumya was found early this year with a wire around her lower abdomen and since her life-saving capture, this petite semi-feral girl has been through the wars with a wound that would look like it healed only to open up again, to the frustration of all who cared for her.

After over 6 months at the vets and 3 operations including the latest successful skin flap procedure, we have managed to get her well and she is now a step away from her forever home!

Mumya spent Christmas under observation at Catcuddles, and very soon she will have her final sign-off by our trusted vet Vitor before joining Victoria and her girls in Camden, in her forever home. As you can see, she has come so far from her original state it is hard to tell she is the same cat. Her courage and spirit in making this journey has been an inspiration to everyone.

We are grateful to so many people it is impossible to account. One person who must get a special mention though is Maureen Wheeler, who managed to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and got Mumya from Cairo to Catcuddles and secured the support required to treat her. Next stop for Mumya: Vikki's at Camden!