A Very Happy Update on Zen - the ex-stray diagnosed with Lymphoma

We're pleased to share some very happy news regarding Zen, the stray boy recently rescued by CatCuddles from Plumstead.

Zen was in very bad shape when he arrived, being visibly frail and unwell, and it was evident that he'd been on the streets for some time. We were eager to restore him to health and offer him the warmth and love that he'd been missing for much of his life, but as many of you will recall from our recent posts, our hopes were dashed when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

There was one small ray of hope for Zen however; our vet estimated that he could live comfortably for up to two years with non-invasive treatment, and so at the very least, we could offer him the opportunity to have a home, to experience love and security for his remaining days. To do this however, we would have to find him someone wonderful - a foster carer willing to welcome Zen into their life without delay.

Just a week on, and we have found exactly that for Zen! He is settling very happily into his foster home with Hanna, and as you can see from the pictures, enjoying every moment of his new life. We're so happy for him.

In the mean time, we will be working closely with Hanna to monitor Zen's health and provide all ongoing veterinary treatment; daily medication, regular vet check ups and any other currently unforeseen necessities. This promises to be costly, and this is daunting for the charity during kitten season, at a time when we have been overwhelmed with urgent stray enquiries.

And so we're hoping to raise some funds to set aside specifically for Zen's ongoing veterinary care. We welcome all donations towards this cause, be they big or small; we're grateful for every penny that helps to make this special boy's remaining time as comfortable and happy as possible.

One-off donations can be sent at http://catcuddles.org.uk/donations, or if you wish to sponsor Zen by a monthly donation, please let us know and we will be happy to describe what his medication and maintenance costs.