Another Unneutered Stray Comes to CatCuddles

A better future was secured for another stray cat today - this silky black boy from Greenwich, now named Victa.

Victa was first spotted several months back by a long-time supporter of the charity, who got in touch after having him checked for a microchip at a local vet.

Of course, no chip was found, and like the majority of strays roaming our streets, Victa was also unneutered. With kitten season fast approaching, without intervention he would likely have fathered many homeless kittens in the coming months.

Their lives, like his, would have been brutal and tough, a constant struggle to find food and shelter, potentially cut short by busy roads, fights with rival cats, illness, and dangerous people. It is worth noting that Victa was discovered on Aldeburgh Street, SE10, just ten minutes away from where the mutilated body of a cat was recently discovered, another suspected victim of the London Cat Killer.

Thankfully, Victa will no longer face such suffering. He is now neutered, and waiting safely and comfortably for his forever home, with our volunteer team lavishing him with love and fuss in the mean time.

There are so many more cats like him in Greenwich, and we hope that we can overcome the threats posed to our work by the council and help as many as our time and finances will allow.

Cat RescuesRae Gellel