Donations Sought for New Arrival in Poor Health

4 year old Wilbur has arrived in a very sorry state.

His mouth is painfully ulcerated and his skin is mottled with scabs, the result of a flea allergy and Miliary dermatitis. These conditions have been left untreated for so long that they have become severe, leaving Wilbur in constant discomfort, with his painful ulcers often bleeding.

Our volunteer team were shocked by Wilbur's condition; though his mouth ulcers are visible in these pictures, they do not do justice to the terrible state of his skin, which has a texture and appearance resembling severe eczema.

Treated as an emergency case by the charity, thankfully Wilbur is now getting the care he so desperately needs. He was seen by a CatCuddles' collaborating vet immediately upon arrival and after receiving steroid and antibiotic treatment has shown some initial improvement, particularly in regards to his ulcerated mouth.

He is a very sweet cat, shy and timid and needing constant reassurance from our volunteers - but also very, very gentle and friendly. We will be monitoring him carefully in the coming weeks to ensure that he continues to heal and that his discomfort is minimised throughout every step of his recovery. No cat should be allowed to suffer as he has. Proper veterinary care and a loving, suitable home in the future will ensure that he never will again.

Because Wilbur's treatment will be extensive and ongoing, it promises to be financially challenging for the charity, which receives no funding aside from donations. For this reason we welcome any contribution, be it big or small, to help cover Wilbur's myriad veterinary costs, in addition to the standard costs of his upkeep, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and parasite treatments etc. Donations can be sent at