Four Very Special New Arrivals...

CatCuddles volunteers holidaying in Greece found themselves in need of local help recently, when they discovered a litter of kittens and their mother living in poor condition on the streets.

Thankfully, a fantastic Athens-based charity called Scars were very generous in offering this help, quickly and efficiently taking the struggling family into their care.

Inspired by the work of this fellow rescue, we asked how we might help them in return, and the answer was very simple - by rehoming five of their cats who, due to special needs or other difficulties, have been unable to find adopters in their native country thus far, despite a very long wait.

And so this weekend the very same CatCuddles volunteers are journeying to Amsterdam via the EuroStar to collect the five cats, Bullet, Hope, Star, Crystal and Pepito, after a flight from Athens.

They will then be whisked into the care of CatCuddles fosterers, and we have no doubt that this time around their wait for loving, forever homes will not be too long; all are exceptionally friendly, affectionate and gentle cats, and in Hope and Bullet's cases, this is in spite of suffering a great deal at the hands of humans.