Injured Stray Whisked off the Streets

This is Bruno. At the weekend, we was spotted by one of our volunteers on the street in Thamesmead, limping badly on his front paw.

The volunteer rushed him to a nearby vet where it was quickly discovered that Bruno is not microchipped or neutered - which is likely the reason he has suffered such an injury.

Unneutered Toms are prone to fighting with one another, and bites and scratches can quickly become infected without treatment, causing painful abscesses and sometimes even leading to the spread of viruses like cat flu and FIV.

Bruno was given a long-acting antibiotic at the vet to help fight infection and aid the healing of his leg. For now, he is safe with CatCuddles, recovering in comfort with lots of fuss and care from our volunteers.

If no owner can be found for him, he will be adopted into a loving forever home, where fights and infections will be a thing of the past. Please neuter your cats so that they don't suffer like Bruno.

Rae Gellel