Reasons to adopt a senior cat

Cats approaching their sunset years have a lot going for them, so we can't understand why more people don't consider senior cats for adoption. Here are our top 8 reasons we think senior cats make great pets.

  1. Seniors are more likely to be housetrained.
  2. Seniors are less likely to chew, scratch and destroy your possessions.
  3. Seniors require less patience, time and energy.
  4. Seniors spend more time napping and are happy to have you join them.
  5. Seniors are generally calmer and tend to settle in quicker.
  6. With seniors, what you see is what you get. They have already grown into their shape and personality.
  7. You will be a providing a loving home to a cat who often gets passed by for a cute kitten or puppy.
  8. Most important of all, senior pets will reward you with love, affection and devotion, day after day.

Please consider adopting one of our many senior residents because older pets need love too! View senior cats currently waiting adoption >

The privilege of loving a senior and the knowledge that you have given this older pet a second chance at life makes it all worth the pain of eventual separation.