Senior Girl Saved from Euthanasia

Last week, Olivia was not the only cat who was surrendered at a local vet and in need of our help. We also received a call about a sweet, 17 year old girl called Connie.

Connie was brought to one of our collaborating vets in Greenwich for euthanasia.

Veterinary staff there were immediately reluctant to carry out the euthanasia request, as though Connie is a little on the fragile side and in need of some fattening up, she is very healthy for her age. She is also incredibly purry, inquisitive, gentle and affectionate.

And so the vet asked that CatCuddles be contacted instead, and thankfully, there were no objections. Connie was quickly brought into our care and her life was safe. Our volunteers are working on fattening her up already.

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