Shy Pair Left With No-Where to go After the Death of their Owner

Last week we saw another urgent case in the form of two shy eight year old boys; Timmy (all black) and Tommy (black and white).

The death of their owner after a long illness left the pair without anyone to care for them, and whilst relatives were able to take responsibility temporarily, after calling over ten charities for assistance they felt they were running out of options.

Things were looking desperate for Timmy and Tommy when CatCuddles were able to step in at the last moment. The pair were placed with an emergency foster carer and though both are feeling very timid and unsure at present, particularly Timmy who was set up residence under a bed, they are safe and their futures secure.

In the coming weeks with lots of patience and kindness they should hopefully emerge from their shells - and from underneath the furniture - and grow in confidence and comfort around their new human companions. A fresh start in a loving adoptive home is just around the corner.

Make a donation towards Timmy and Tommy's' care here.

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