Grueling 8-Day Rescue for Trapped Kittens

A call received late last Sunday about a stray cat and her litter of four young kittens culminated in an eight day rescue operation for CatCuddles volunteers, ending only on Monday of this week.

The feline family were living in the foundations of a three-story house in nearby Plumstead, the only entrance to which was a small vent at the front of the house's basement flat. With foxes prowling nearby and plummeting temperatures predicted for the following week, the home-owners contacted CatCuddles immediately upon sighting the kittens, in fear for their lives.

The rescue operation that ensued was elaborate, frustrating and emotional, both for our volunteers who were virtually camped outside the residence for a week, and for it's owners who also kept a careful watch. With the kittens deep inside the maze-like foundations of the house, venturing out only sporadically, the narrow entrance hole provided little to no access and the situation was daunting.

Traps were set up outside the hole and whilst the first three kittens were easily caught, their mum required subsequent attempts. Emotions were at their highest when the fourth kitten vanished for several days, and was feared lost to cold, illness or predators.

The elation, joy and relief caused when this last little kitten made a reappearance is inexpressable; but it was quickly tempered when she absolutely, stubbornly refused to be caught! 

Rescue efforts were stepped up even further - with the house's owners kindly providing cups of tea and toilet access! - and trapping sessions climbed to 10 hours in length. Finally, as hope grew thin and fears doubled, on Monday morning, to the joy of all, she was caught!

Now this entire feline family are safe with a CatCuddles fosterer, having been bathed, de-fleaed and de-wormed, and allowed to lounge under a warm radiator all day since being rescued! The kittens are currently seven weeks old, and, with mum, will be available for adoption in pairs at twelve weeks of age.

A joyful victory though this is, in upcoming weeks each of the family will require ongoing parasite treatments, vaccinations, health checks and microchipping, in addition to their daily food and care; all of which will mount up to several hundred pounds for the charity.

We have diverted a huge proportion of our funds to stray cats this year, and as it nears it's end, the money available for such needy felines is dwindling. For this reason we're appealing for donations, be they big or small, to contribute to the myriad care costs of this very lucky family, who's days spent in the dark are surely over. 

Make a contribution towards this family's future.

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