Urgent Fundraising Appeal for Bereaved Cats

All black siblings Bernie and Baxter lived happy, comfortable lives for ten years, until their owner, a woman in the prime of her life, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving in her wake not only the two cats and a great deal of heartbreak, but also a dog and a young daughter.

All were taken into the care of the woman's mother, who, knowing her daughter's love for her pets, was desperate to secure their safety. However, living in a 9th floor flat, with a dog of her own and cat allergies within the household, to her deep regret, she was simply unable to offer Bernie and Baxter a permanent home.

They were placed, temporarily, with a friend, and CatCuddles were called into the picture, as she too was taken to hospital. 

The siblings now just have two short weeks to find alternative living arrangements, and though we truly want to provide a solution, and some relief in this very sad situation, we are also not in a great position to do so. We have gone over our budget for homeless cats this year, and, engulfed in the construction of our up-and-coming North London Cat Clinic, we simply do not have any more funds to spare. 

We could not just say no however. At CatCuddles, we are all cat owners ourselves, and the thought of a similar fate befalling our cats, should the worst happen to any of us, is unbearable. And so we have decided to place our hopes in a fundraising effort on Bernie an Baxter's behalf.

We must raise an amount equivalent to each cat's sponsorship, which is their overall care costs for two months; £1.50 per day for the first sixty days of their stay at the sanctuary, totaling £90 per cat. In addition to this is the cost of vaccinations, at £35 per cat. We will then strive, at this very, very busy time, to open up a space at CatCuddles for Bernie and Baxter before their time runs out.

To donate to cover the cost of either Bernie or Baxter's sponsorship would effectively be giving that cat a future and ensuring his or her safety, and anyone willing to do so would have our utmost gratitude. But even a pound or two towards the sponsorship takes us a step closer to our goal, and makes a difference.

Even in this most heartbreaking of situations, there is still hope for Bernie and Baxter, though it lies in the generosity of all who read this appeal.

Donations can be sent at
http://catcuddles.org.uk/donations. Please share.

If you are interested in adopting the pair, who are utterly friendly and loving and will require a home together with safe garden access, then please get in touch via http://catcuddles.org.uk/contact-us

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