Needed - Homes in Rural Locations!

Felines need interaction with humans from the very beginning of their lives in order to develop into well socialised adult cats, who are comfortable with being touched and held by people. When this doesn't happen - when cats are born on the streets to stray mothers, or abandoned at a very young age, for example - they may grow into cats who are semi-feral or feral, willing to interact with people only at a distance and preferring to spend much of their time outside.

At CatCuddles we regularly encounter cats like these who have had tremendously difficult starts in life, and wish to offer them a chance at happiness, especially as they were deprived of it as kittens. It is possible to do so by finding them homes in rural and countryside locations, where they can spend much of their time outside but with the option of shelter available, be it a house with access via a cat-flap or a specially converted barn. Such homes are ideal because they are located away from busy roads and the many hazards of cities, allowing cats to roam freely and safely, to some extent reverting back to a natural state, and interacting with their human companions to whatever extent they are comfortable with.

Cats that exhibit feral behaviour tend to be fantastic companions for cats and other animals, and great at catching mice and other prey. This is because they are so in tune with their instincts. They also may gradually become less feral as they get to know the people around them, learning to trust those who feed them regularly and show them kindness, however they may never allow themselves to be touched or come too close, though over the years we have seen some near miraculous transformations.

If you live in a rural location, and would like to offer a feral, semi feral or just very shy cat a chance at life, please get in touch. You will need to be able to provide the cat with regular food and care from a distance, and offer him or her the option of coming inside if he or she chooses. In the event that the cat needs veterinary care, CatCuddles can assist with capture and transport. All cats adopted from us are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

When cats develop feral behaviors, it's usually because they have been failed by people at the very start of their lives. If we do not find them homes because of this, then we are failing them again. If you can offer the right environment for such a cat, then please get in touch ASAP and change a life.